About Us

Our program is designed to help people build healthy habits without becoming overwhelmed. Many times, our motivation and self-control run dry after we put ourselves through the traditional types of diet programs. This is a lifelong program that will help you learn the skill of self love and prioritization.

This program was designed by myself (Cass Duignan) and my father (Jim Duignan). We started developing this program after our own attempts at doing a different mental fitness challenge called the “75 Hard”. We had joined some family members and friends who were already planning on doing the challenge. We loved some aspects of the challenge, but in some ways we felt the results were unsustainable for our personal long term fitness and health goals.

So, why did we create this program?

We created this program for the people who want to improve their physical and mental fitness. We created this program to help: busy people, overwhelmed people, people who feel like they are failing at life, people who struggle with balance, people who want to lose weight, people who want to eat healthier, people who want to open their minds, people who want to be creative…overall, if you have got a challenge you want to overcome, but you aren’t even sure exactly how you want to do that yet, this program gets your mind and your body healthy and functioning properly so you are fit to tackle the life ahead of you.

Many people are ashamed to admit that they feel like they got derailed at some point in life, wandering and not living with passion. Many people work jobs that allow them very limited time for self care. But this program teaches you to adapt and to succeed, rising above the environment and circumstances that surround you. We want to see our members find clarity, peace, strength, and most importantly, to learn to practice self-love and self-care as daily habits.

Listen, the most important thing in your life is your health. There will be many influences around you that will try to convince you otherwise. Ultimately, if you are not physically and mentally healthy, you are not going to show up for your loved ones in the best ways possible. Let us provide you with the accountability, support and resources that you need to get you feeling good about yourself.

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