The Road

We like to look at each person’s self-care journey as someone traveling down the road. Many people find themselves so far away from where they want to be, that even thinking about getting on the right road seems completely impossible.

When you are focusing on your self-care, you are progressing every time you take a small step. “Taking steps back” is not something that exists in this program. Part of our mission statement is that we want to help people stay on track. We are here for you to keep you on the track to better health, to self-compassion, and to living a life that you deserve. It does not matter if you choose just one daily habit to focus on to start this program. Any steps you take towards better health count. They get you closer to the life you have been dreaming of, but did not think was possible.

In this program, you will have the capabilities to plan your meals for the whole week (or month), plan your exercise sessions, read and listen to valuable and motivational content suggested by us, follow along with our work out videos, and enjoy daily videos that we make just for you, where we talk about mental and physical health challenges and how to overcome them. We are here for you. We are interactive members of this community, and we read what you are writing in the public forum. Our goal is to help hold you accountable and provide you with valuable, accurate information about health and nutrition.

The program is simple. You try your very best to complete 5 Daily Tasks of self-care, and you log in every day to keep your mind on the right track. You will have off days, weeks, even months sometimes. But you will come back and you will continue progressing towards making these 5 Daily Tasks habits for the rest of your life.

The Daily 5:

  1. Drinking a gallon of water a day
  2. 45 Minutes of cardio
  3. 15 Minutes of strength or stretching exercises (or a combination)
  4. 30 minutes of podcast listening or 10 pages of reading a book
  5. Following a healthy meal plan of your choice

We want to serve you in helping you find the road you are meant to be on. If you find you are stuck in a state of frustration about the way you live your life, this program can help you find clarity and get you taking action with the things you always wanted to do. Many diet and exercise programs offer “big weight loss” and “happiness”. We offer a way for you to be comfortable in your own skin. What if I told you that I have struggled my whole life with my body image, and that this program has helped me love my body? We don’t want you to achieve a number, we want to help you achieve strength and self-love. We want you to feel productive, vibrant, empowered, and energetic.